what Is Diabetes?

woman having blood pressure monitor


woman having blood pressure monitor

What is diabetes?

Diabetes refers to a chronic condition in which the pancreas stops making insulin or the body can’t use the insulin it makes.

Insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas is a key that allows glucose from food to pass through the bloodstream into cells to make energy. All carbohydrate foods can be broken down into glucose in your blood. Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose enter the cells.

High blood glucose levels can be caused by a lack of insulin production or inability to use insulin effectively. This is known as hyperglycaemia. High glucose levels can cause damage to the body, as well as the failure of many organs and tissues.

Types of diabetes

There are three types of diabetes: type 1 and gestational.

  • Type 1 Diabetes is a condition that can occur at any age but most commonly in children and teenagers. Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which your body doesn’t produce enough insulin. This means you will need to take insulin daily to keep blood sugar levels under control. Learn more.
  • Type 2 Diabetes is more common among adults and accounts to around 90% of all cases. Type 2 diabetes is when your body doesn’t make the most of the insulin it produces. Type 2 diabetes treatment relies on a healthy lifestyle that includes increased physical activity and healthy eating habits. Type 2 diabetes patients will eventually need insulin and oral drugs. Learn more.
  • Gestational Diabetes (GDM) This type of diabetes is caused by high blood sugar during pregnancy. It can cause complications for both mother and child. GDM disappears usually after the birth, but affected women and their children are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in their lives.

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