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What are the causes of sensitive teeth and how can they be treated?

Sensitive teeth will be caused by bound activities like brushing, eating, and drinking. Sensitive teeth ar sometimes caused by worn enamel or exposed roots. However, generally tooth discomfort will be caused by different factors like a decay, cracked or broken teeth, worn fillings, gum illness, or a cavity.

Visit your medical practitioner if you’ve got sensitive teeth.

Your medical practitioner will diagnose and treat any root causes of tooth pain. Your medical practitioner could suggest the subsequent looking on your situation:Desensitizing dentifrice. Sometimes, desensitising dentifrice is also ready to relieve sensitive tooth pain. There ar several product which will be purchased over-the-counter. raise your medical practitioner what product is best for you.
Fluoride. To strengthen your enamel and reduce pain, your medical practitioner could apply halide to sensitive areas. Your medical practitioner may suggest prescription halidewhich may be applied reception via a made-to-order receptacle.

Desensitizing and bonding.

 Sometimes, exposed root surfaces is also treated with bonding rosinit’s potential to use local anaesthesia.
Surgical gum transplant. atiny low quantity of gum tissue from another a part of your mouth will be taken and connected to the tooth affected spacethis may facilitate shield exposed roots and scale back sensitivity.

Root canal.

once sensitive teeth ar inflicting severe pain, and different treatments have did not work, your medical practitioner could suggest a passagewaythis is often a procedure that treats issues within the tooth’s soft pulp (dental pulp). though it should seem to be a significant treatment, this is often the most effective thanks to eliminate tooth sensitivity.Brush your sensitive teeth doubly daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush, halide dentifrice, and floss daily to stop them from returning. Avoid exploitation abrasive dentifrice and use light strokes. raise your medical practitioner to suggest a mouthguard if you grind your teeth. Tooth grinding will cause tooth fractures and sensitivity.

Consider taking further care once you consume acidic drinks and foods, like wine and effervescent drinks. These will cause tiny amounts to be lost over time. Use a straw once you drink acidic beverages to avoid going in contact together with your teeth. Drink water once you’ve got consumed AN acidic substance.

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