Five Things You Might Not Know About Pregnancy

woman wearing gold ring and pink dress

woman wearing gold ring and pink dress

Information about pregnancy is all around. Your doctor will likely give you a lot of information at your first prenatal appointment . These pamphlets cover every trimester and test.

Here are five surprising things that pregnancy can do, despite all the information.

1. The Nesting Instinct

Many pregnant women feel the nesting instinct. This is a strong urge to decorate and clean their home in preparation for the baby’s arrival.

You may find yourself doing things like washing the walls or cleaning out cupboards as your due date approaches. You’ll likely have less things to do after the birth, so it can be beneficial to get your house ready. Be careful not to do too much.

2. Problems with Concentration

Many women can feel tired and irritable in the first trimester . Even well-rested pregnant women can experience forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating.

The hormonal changes and thinking about the baby play a part. All things, including bills and doctor appointments, may seem less important than the baby or the coming birth. You can make lists to help you remember dates or appointments.

3. Mood Swings

Premenstrual syndrome is similar to pregnancy in many ways. You may feel moody and your breasts can swell. You are more likely to experience mood swings in pregnancy if you have PMS. These mood swings can cause you to feel happy and then cry the next.

Mood swings can be very common in pregnancy. These mood swings are more common in the first and third trimesters.

Many pregnant women experience depression while pregnant. Talk to your doctor if you experience symptoms like sleep problems, mood swings, or changes in eating habits that last more than two weeks.

4. Bra Size

A pregnancy sign is a larger breast size. The hormones estrogen, progesterone are more prevalent in the first trimester. This is why breast growth occurs. Your breasts may continue growing throughout pregnancy, even though you have experienced some growth in the first trimester.

Your ribcage can also affect your bra size. Your lung capacity is increased during pregnancy, which can lead to larger chest sizes. During pregnancy, your bras may need to be replaced several times.

5. Skin changes

Are your friends saying that you look pregnant? It can be caused by hormonal changes or skin stretching.

Women who are pregnant have a higher blood volume to increase blood flow to their uterus and other organs, including the kidneys. A greater blood volume increases blood flow to the vessels, and oil gland secretion is increased.

Some women may develop yellowish patches or brownish spots called chloasma (or the “mask” of pregnancy) on their faces. Some women will also notice a dark line at the bottom of their abdomens, called the linea negra or linea nigra. Hyperpigmentation can occur in the anal, external genitalia and nipples. This is because the body makes more pigment due to pregnancy hormones.

The increased pigment may not be uniform, so darkened skin might appear as splotches. Chloasma cannot be prevented. However, sunscreen can help to minimize the effects of UV light and avoid it.

Acne can be common in pregnancy, because the skin’s oil glands produce more oil. Moles and freckles may become darker or larger than they were before you became pregnant. These skin changes should disappear most of the time after giving birth.

Heat rash is a common condition in pregnant women. It’s caused by sweating and dampness. Pregnancy can be a very itchy time. Itching and flaking may occur when skin is stretched across the abdomen. Creams can be prescribed by your doctor to soothe itchy or dry skin.

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