09 Ways to Fasten Fat Loss

Let’s be clear from the beginning: whether you want to lose weight to get ripped to your bones, diet and exercise are key. To create a caloric deficit, you need to eat less but move more.

Your body will not have any choice but to burn fat for fuel if it is faced with a calorie deficit. A larger deficit will result in more fat being burned. Most people should aim to lose 1-2 pounds each week. It is almost impossible to sustain a deficit of more than this.

No deficit? Your body will no longer need to store fat for energy.

However, if your exercise routine is regular and you are following a healthy, low-calorie diet, you may be able to do a few things that can help you lose fat faster. These strategies may seem a bit odd, but they can help you make the most of your progress.

These are not shortcuts to eating healthy and exercising regularly. These are just a icing on the cake of your workout and diet.

10 Ways to Increase Fat Loss

Do you want to lose weight faster and get rid of fat? These are some of the strangest tips and tricks you can use to lose weight faster

1. Take smaller plates

pancake on plate

In order to lose fat, you will need to eat smaller meals. You’ll feel hungry if you have a smaller meal than you normally would. It’s a reminder that you are on diet and can feel deprivation or hunger.

By serving smaller portions, you can fool your brain into believing you are eating more. You will see the meal as more substantial and fuller (1).

A similar effect can be achieved by using smaller cutlery or smaller cups.

You’ll feel less hungry if you reduce the size of your plates and bowls.

2. A larger breakfast and a smaller meal are better choices.

Research suggests that eating a larger breakfast and smaller dinner can help you lose weight quicker than if you do not eat as many calories. For boosting your metabolism in the morning, high-protein foods are especially beneficial.

This idea isn’t new. It has been around for a while.

Your body uses most of its glycogen after a night of sleeping, so you are in desperate need of nutrients and energy. It’s therefore more likely to use the first few calories of the day.

Your last meal of the day is what you eat before going to bed. All those calories at dinner are not necessary for your body.

You are simply providing your body with what it needs, so eat a heavier breakfast and lighter dinner.

3. Take a seat in front of a mirror.

When you eat by yourself, it’s easy to get off the diet track. Who’s there to help you if you indulge in an unplanned dessert, or a snack? Studies show that people are more accountable for their eating habits when they’re in front of the mirror (3).

You may find that recording yourself eating is just as effective as watching someone else eat. This reinforces accountability. You can also record your eating habits using your smartphone or tablet.

Many people mistakenly believe that healthy eating, particularly for fat loss, must be boring. This is a mistake. Even if you eat less or avoid high-calorie foods, herbs and spices can be added to delicious meals to enhance their flavor. Many herbs and spices have very low calories and are calorie-free.

The best part about herbs and spices is that they are delicious! They can even help you lose weight!

Thermogenic spices like chili, curry powder, cayenne pepper and black pepper increase your metabolism rate so that you burn more calories while at rest. Studies have also shown that people tend not to eat spicy food as much as bland foods (4).

Spices can be added to any meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, it is possible to get heartburn or indigestion if you do too much. Start small and gradually increase your tolerance.

5. Stand more and sit less


shallow focus photography of person walking on road between grass

Sitting is one the most efficient ways to save energy. Your chair supports your weight almost entirely, and most people are good at relaxing while seated. Your metabolic rate tends to drop when you sit down. Considering that most people spend their day sitting down, it makes it more difficult to lose weight and burn fat.

Simple solution: Sit less and stand more. Standing requires more muscle work so you’ll burn more calories.

Look for ways to get up more often. You can invest in a standing desk to make phone calls, take phone calls from a standing position, or stand up in public transport. Or, you could stand at the coffee shop rather than sitting in a chair.

You can also walk more to get a higher caloric value .

Set an alarm to sound on your phone every hour if you spend a lot of time sitting. Your metabolism will be boosted by even a few minutes of extra movement.

Standing more and sitting less can help you lose a few hundred calories each day. This may not seem like much but it is vital in fighting body fat!

6. Lower the temperature



white and blue thermometer at 36 9

Maintaining constant body temperatures requires a lot energy. You sweat to cool down and then you shiver in order to heat up.

When you sleep or work in a colder environment, your body will have to work harder to maintain your normal temperature. This can cause an increase in resting energy expenditure ((6)).

You don’t have to jump in the nearest freezer to start losing weight.

To feel cooler, you can lower the thermostat a bit. The temperature in your room should be between 60-67 degr

7. Take photos of all the food you eat

Many people don’t realize how much food they actually eat. People eat food without thinking and often consume more food than they realize. This includes both planned and unplanned snacks.

Uncontrolled eating can interfere with weight loss and fat burning, it is obvious.

Take photos of all the food you eat, both snacks and meals. This will help you be more accountable. You will be able to a) pay more attention to what you eat and b) increase your dietary accountability. c) Be more aware of what you eat and how you snack (7).

This strategy is even more effective if you send your photos and ask a friend to rate your meals. Five being perfect and one being horrible. You should aim to score fives every day!

They have the right to admonish you and to reprimand for poor meal times or meals if you don’t send them pictures of what you ea

8. Soup is a great choice before you eat your main meal


soup in bowl

Eating less is a key part of losing weight. Sometimes it can be hard to stop eating after you’ve started.

Studies show that soup before main meals reduces hunger, and results in a smaller meal afterwards (8).

Soup is fast and easy to make and can be very nutritious. This will help you lose weight quicker.

People who watch too much television are more likely to be overweight or obese (9). People watch on average five hours of television daily.

Watching TV is passive. Some people like to eat while watching TV.

Don’t spend your evenings on TV and eating. Be active and productive.

It is better to move than watch TV for fat loss.

9. Good night’s rest


woman laying on bed

You can make it harder to lose weight by sleeping longer.

Research shows that getting less than 6 hours of sleep per night can increase your chances of becoming obese and increase weight gain. This makes it harder to exercise and slows down your metabolism.

      • Take an exploratory walk in the area
      • Take your dog on a walk
      • Clean up
      • Get out there and about in gardening
      • Play active videogames such as Wii.
      • Play with your kids
      • Perform some chores
      • Your tomorrow’s meals are in your control
      • Get involved
      • Bowling

Better body composition is linked to 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Your body actually loses a lot more calories while you’re asleep.

Sleep is not passive, as many people believe. Your body is working to repair your muscles and perform other vital metabolic functions.

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